The Thigh Obsession

I have a very important message about your thighs. The abductor and adductor machines will not give you a “thigh gap”. In fact, even if you are just looking to “tone up” your thighs, these two machines, that you probably have to wait in line for, are not going to do it.
The fact that women want this illusive “thigh gap” is an entirely different topic for another time. Today, if I can help just one woman understand how to get firm, toned thighs and help put these machines out to pasture once and for all, I have done this world some good.
If you want to tone your inner and outer thighs there is about a million ways to do it and none of them involve sitting.

 In general, we tend to obsess over one body part that may “jiggle”, but when you want to change the way you look, focusing on the part that jiggles is rarely going to do the trick. In the case of your thighs, more often women need to balance out the way that they are working their lower body. Often times, when I start working with a woman that has the inner or outer thigh complaint, simply getting their glutes (butt) to start firing properly lifts the butt, which in turn raises everything which tends to minimize the jiggle. It’s a win-win because when the glutes fire properly and are doing their job, you can function better, but, you are also preventing a whole host of injuries and and pain.

Keep in mind, it’s not as simple as an exercise. There are several pieces to the puzzle that include diet, lifestyle and some other things. Today, I am just focusing on the exercises I want you to replace so that you can see the results you are looking for. Here are four excellent reasons not to use these machines ever again:
  1. These machines have you in a sitting position and therefore will do very little for your energy system. Your energy system needs to be challenged in order to burn fat. The jiggle you are trying to eliminate is fat.
  2. Most of you already sit all day at a desk which causes muscle imbalance. The purpose of the particular muscles these two machines work are to stabilize gait (walking, running, standing, single leg standing and just about anything else that is not sitting). When you sit down you are asking the muscle to work in a completely unnatural way. This does nothing for your performance in any sport, recreation or even just day to day function. In fact, I will argue the detriments of it, but, I will hold off on that for another article.
  3. Athletes and fit people, who’s thighs you admire, do not use these machines to look the way they do.
  4. Sitting shuts off the glute max. Remember, lifting the glutes is one of the things you need to do to eliminate the jiggle on the thighs. Not to mention the glute max is a large muscle and therefore burns more fat.
So what should you do instead?
  1. Eat the proper amounts of clean food and eliminate processed junk.
  2. Lunge. Lateral, forward and backward. Use Valslides.
  3. Mini band it. Do mini band side steps. Check out the demo below.
  4. Foam roll. If you aren’t sure how to do it, sign up for my free ebook and I will also send you a foam rolling workout.
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