Mountain Dew, Cool Ranch Doritos and Candy Bars

The breakfast and lunch of ……. a future holistic health and fitness coach? It may be hard to believe, but, that was my breakfast and lunch for at least a full year in high school.

I would get picked up by a friend for school and we would stop at the Speedy Q where we would get breakfast. My go to was Mountain Dew and cool ranch Doritos (cool ranch was a new flavor at the time).

In my school our Spanish club sold candy bars year round for their trip to Spain. Sadly, I ate the gooey caramel one almost daily for lunch.

I stepped it up a bit senior year and ate a super bagel and fries at Charlie Brown’s every day. Charlie Brown’s was an ice cream place that was off limits for lunch because we weren’t allowed to leave school property. The craving for super bagels must have been pretty bad since I seem to remember serving detention a time or two.

Horrifying isn’t it?

Somehow, with those habits, I remained very thin and relatively healthy. I think it must have been because my mom cooked healthy meals every night. One nutritious meal a day kept the doctor away. Well, when I was a kid anyway.

In college, I drank double shot mocha’s two to three times a day. Except in the summer time. Tim Horton’s came out with a frozen mocha that was ridiculous and yes, I had at least one a day. I was already a personal trainer at this time! Hell of a role model, huh?

My habits sucked! 

Why am I telling you? Because there seems to be a lot of people who think I have always been “naturally healthy”. They believe I was born a kale loving, water drinking, fit woman with interest in nothing but health and wellness. The bad thing about that (other than the annoyance of jaws dropping when someone sees me indulge) is that it makes people believe they could never really be as healthy and fit as they want to be. When people think healthy types, like myself, are born that way, they also tend to think it’s something that has to come natural, not something that they can become.

My whole life is a story of becoming. So is yours. If it just came natural to me, I wouldn’t be a very good coach.

What does come natural to me is wanting to be better. If something is wrong, I want to know how to fix it…physically, mentally and spiritually. This is why taking my responsibility for my own health and wellness and teaching other people to do the same is something I am so passionate about.

The Doritos, Mountain Dew and candy bar diet didn’t serve me well as I matured. I have suffered with chronic health issues. It was natural for me want to learn everything I could to fix myself. It was also natural for me to want to teach everything I was learning and to fix everybody else too. Ahhhh….a health coach is born.

You have things that come natural to you too and you can capitalize on that when you are working on changing your habits and lifestyle to become a healthier, fitter person. It’s true that you can do anything you put your mind to. Use your strengths. If you’re not sure what they are, hire someone like me to help you figure it out.

And the next time you find yourself wondering if something is possible for you, just think about Mountain Dew, Cool Ranch Doritos and Spanish club candy bars. If a girl can go from that to who I am today, the sky is the limit.

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