Master Complex Moves – Master Life

Have you ever found yourself struggling with an exercise or a movement? Everyone has and the majority of people think that they have two choices.

  1. Avoid that exercise or movement because it feels awkward or causes pain.
  2. Keep working on it.

There is a third option. But, before I go into that option, you should know why it is beneficial to master complex moves.

If you don’t care to feel good, move well and enjoy life relatively pain-free, you can stop reading now. If those things sound good to you, then you should know that in order to do that, you need to move the way that we, as humans, were designed to move. Our movements are complex. One movement takes many different muscle contractions and actions in the body.

Life, habits, repeating postures and our individual design all determine how optimally our body is going to function. Most of us have dysfunctional movement patterns. When we repeat dysfunctional movement patterns over and over, the dysfunctional pattern gets etched deeper into our brains and our bodies follow the path of least resistance which is along the dysfunctional pattern.

So what does this mean and why do you care?

It means that the more you keep working on that complex exercise you are trying to master, the more you are strengthening a dysfunctional movement pattern. Dysfunctional movement patterns cause pain and injury.

Is that enough of a reason for you?

So, this brings me to that third option.

3. Master the components of the exercise first.

If you choose option three you will feel good, look good and perform well.

Every one of your workouts should involve exercises that are components of something more complex. If your workouts are nothing but complex moves made to make you feel like you just fought a war that should tell you something about what your outcome will be. Hint: you aren’t going to feel your best.

I don’t know about you, but, my clients and I want to feel awesome, enjoy our workouts, connect with our bodies and enjoy life more.

If that sounds like something you have been looking for, I have some openings right now for one-on-one training. They fill up fast. Let’s talk.

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