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I know it’s been awhile, but, I am not going to talk about how busy I have been or come up with a million excuses as to why my blogs have been on hiatus. The fact is I took an unplanned break. I needed to regroup and rethink the quality of the content I am sharing with you. I started to feel a little inauthentic. Not that I don’t stand behind the things I have written. I just started to feel like I was working to pump out quantity and I think the quality took a hit. That’s not how I want to treat you guys. You are smart. You are here because you are looking for something different. I feel like I’ve probably been holding back on who I am and how I roll while trying to keep it more professional. I am a work in progress just like everyone else and on the top of my list this year is to give you content that is me. It’s how I live, how I have become the coach I am today, mistakes I have made (so you don’t have to), fun that Christine and I have with RachelFit stuff, my own struggles that in sharing will help you with yours, and anything else that comes up that I think will benefit you.

I have lots to share with you. Some things will simply be fun. Some things I hope will change lives. For today though, how about a look at some of the things that have been happening around here while I took a break from blogging.

In the beginning of 2013 we launched Fit Into Spring online coaching program. This was a follow up to the 2012 Fall into Fitness online program that was a huge success. This is definitely something that will be coming back to rachelfit.com, but, we are going to make some big improvements to how content is delivered first.
I started the RachelFit Runners Group. This is a wonderful group of women who have become runners or have taken their running to the next level. Most of the women were new to calling themselves runners in one way or another. We trained for a 5k that was a ton of fun, but, it should have been a clue about how this winter was going to go. It was back in October and it was freezing and snowing on us. If they can handle that for their first 5k, the spring 5k’s will be a piece of cake for them.Starting this group helped me realize how incredible running is as a tool to grow your comfort zone. I love that I can witness and even be a part in making that happen fr people. Our group is growing. We would love to have you. Just contact us at [email protected] and we will send you the information.
We officially launched RachelFit Team Personal Training. It started out with a 6 week pilot program back in September. The idea for this program came from an experimental program I did back in 2008 called the Fall into Fitness program (not to be confused with the online version mentioned earlier – this was 100% in person). The purpose of the program was to write something that women could follow over 12 weeks that would absolutely transform their lives. Well, the program did just that. The women of the program worked as a team and had amazing results. I believe the results were better than some one-on-one situations because these women supported each other and truly became a team. Sure, some of it was a little competitive, but, in a positive way. Finally in 2013 I have come up with the perfect approach to personal training that is not only super-effective, but, it is less of a financial commitment. I got the idea of calling it Team Personal Training because of how the Fall into Fitness participants just naturally formed a team. You can hear about Marta’s transformation HERE or you can read about some of the women who participated in the original Fall into Fitness program HERE.
I have also made some great connections that I want to share with you and I am excited because these are some great people that will only enhance the services I provide and the results that my clients and members experience. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs that will introduce some people that you need to know.
A little preview of what’s coming… Christine and I attended Green Dreams Detroit and Detroit Gypsy Kitchen’s Kombucha workshop. As we speak, we have two baby scoby’s growing in my kitchen. We are going to give you a little summary of how we got that started. We are also going to share with you Operation #eatawesomesavemoneynowaste. I am a busy human being just like you. I joined Door to Door Organics (use code rachelfit to get $10 off) and realized that when I got my first box, I hadn’t used what I had bought from the store earlier and then when I got the second box, I hadn’t used any of the first box OR the stuff from the store except for a few things. I had been doing convenience grocery store fooding as well as carry out. Zoiks! What a waste of money! I know I am not alone in this, which is why I am going to give you a look into my fridge, my Door to Door account and how I am going to #eatawesomesavemoneynowaste.
Have a topic you want me to explore? Let me know. Let’s get a conversation going. Speaking of conversation….you can find me on FACEBOOKTWITTERPINTERESTINSTAGRAM, andLINKEDIN. You can catch my random thoughts, a million pictures of my dogs, 2 million desert recipes I have pinned and read about causes I care about. I’ll see you over in the Social Mediaverse.
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