Have Your Fitness Breakthrough

I had someone ask me what I thought were the top secrets to have a breakthrough and achieve their fitness goals once and for all. It’s not really a simple five secrets kind of thing to have a breakthrough, but, I am going to do my best to sum it up into five bullet points. These aren’t really secrets as much as they are reminders or some may call it the simple truth.

  1. Stop Googling, ordering infommercial products and waiting for Dr. Oz to have a secret answer. Just give in to the “real deal” right now. You know what I’m talking about. Proper exercise at the right intensity, balanced whole foods as nutrition, eliminate or limit processed foods, sleep enough and manage your stress. That’s what it takes. No matter how mundane it may seem, that is how it’s done. Stop looking for magic. When you are doing it right, you will be uncomfortable. Decide to deal with it and that’s when the magic shows up in the form of RESULTS! If you don’t want to deal with it, do yourself a favor and wait until you do. The “magic” stuff wreaks havoc on your metabolism and your health and it will be that much harder to do it right when you are ready to.
  2. Be consistent and persistent. I am cynical. When someone tells me that they have tried it the right way and it didn’t work for them, I automatically think they didn’t give it a real consistent shot. I don’t think they are blatantly lying. I think they just may not really realize it. It’s only because this conversation comes up often when someone confesses to me about some “magic” thing they are doing and how it’s working. Usually, they can’t keep it up or it stops “working” and then they have to find the next magic thing. Here’s the deal. If you haven’t spent at least 12 weeks following proper workouts and nutrition as well as mindset stuff, you haven’t really given it a real shot. Real fitness is going to be with you for the rest of your life and it isn’t done in a few weeks and it doesn’t go from one extreme to another.
  3. Treat your fitness as an investment, not an occassional expense. You will save money and lots of time in the long run. Spending small amounts on this product here and another one there, finding a really cheap personal training package or class adds up in cost over the years and holds little long term reward, if any. Any one of those things can change your body (probably). Not all of them can change your life. Look for long term reward, not just how your body will change in the short term. I truly understand that not everyone can invest a lot of money to get the coaching and education needed, which is why I have created tools that are free.
  4. Love your body right now. Before it changes. The ironic thing is that if you do, your body will transform. If you don’t your body may change, but, maybe not the way you dreamed of. I have seen women who have stressed so much about things that they wanted to change about their bodies that their bodies end up changing and it isn’t in the direction that they want. Stress is not your friend. Want to learn more about this? Join me February 21 for my Love Your Body Workshop. It’s only $25 and it will benefit Girls on the Run and if that’s not incentive enough…there will be chocolate!
  5. Believe. If you don’t believe it, you will not achieve it. You have to believe in what you are doing, who you are being coached by, that you will do what it takes, that you are that person who you want to be and that you deserve it. If you don’t, you won’t do the work that it takes. Why would you if you aren’t sure you will get the reward?

I know I make it seem like it’s easy. Here you go. Do these five things and you will have the body and life of your dreams. Truth is, it’s hard. The reason I came up with the five things I did is because we all struggle in these areas. Not just with our bodies and fitness levels, but, all things in our lives. I know when it comes to my passion for RachelFit and my dreams of what I want it to become, I struggle in some way with each of the five “secrets” above. What is important to remember though, is that it isn’t about flipping a switch and suddenly being able to follow each of the secrets right now. It is about recognizing when you are doing something that holds you back. Each time you recognize an area that “sticks” you a little bit, you break a boundary. Once you know something, you can make choices based on your knowledge. You call the shots. Knowledge and acceptance of yourself is power. Use it and you will realize your breaktrhough.

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