Happy No-resolution New Year’s

If you have been following for any amount of time, you know I can’t stand new year’s resolutions. I won’t get into why other than that they don’t work and they generally make people feel bad about themselves pretty quickly.

What I do believe in is looking back on the year and reflecting on what went right and what you have accomplished. Spend some time with the things that make you feel good about yourself. Then, what didn’t go so well? What mistakes did you make? What lessons did you learn from them? Is there some area of your life that you keep getting in your own way? If you aren’t sure, is there an area that you keep making the same mistakes or you just feel stuck? This is a good area to enlist help in. Do that in 2015.

I don’t think this should only happen annually, though.¬†Especially if you have a vision you are working toward. I like to check in with myself on Sundays before I start the week. How I did the week before is my key to what needs attention the next week. Keep it simple and shut the critical voices in your head up while you are doing it. Don’t let them have a say in what your next week is going to be like.

There is one thing I like to do every year for the past five years. I like to pick a word of the year. I learned this from Christine Kane. She’s a genius. You can get the tools to pick your word of the year here.

In my looking back over the year and the things that went right, I may not have relished in them or enjoyed them as much as I could. I am a recovering perfectionist and I tend to look at what’s next. I tell myself, “Okay, I did that. It was no big deal. What will be a big deal is when I do _______.” I end up focusing on what I will do next instead of being proud for a few.

If you have followed any of my previous posts, you may know I struggle with a chronic disease. I have to be much more present than most in caring for myself. I have to check in with what’s going on with how I feel regularly. If I don’t listen and give my body exactly what it needs, I pay the price BIG time. And though I have come a long way with this, I have a hard time with it sometimes because of the expectations I put on myself and from others. So because of these things, the word I chose this year is “Be.”

For me, I need to spend a little more time just BEing in 2015. How about you?

Check out Christine’s Word of the Year tool, choose your word and come back here and let me know what you picked. Here’s to 2015 knocking our socks off in the best way possible.

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