Habits of Fit People

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but, whenever I am at a gathering of family or friends, I get introduced as the “trainer”. Once people know I am the “trainer” I feel like I turn into a priest taking confessions. I can’t seem to go to any gathering involving food without someone commenting on how they shouldn’t eat this while they go ahead and eat it anyhow. What they shouldn’t eat is usually followed by a confession of how they don’t exercise like they should. This is often followed up with some comment about how much easier it is for “you naturally fit people”. I have some news folks, the only difference between the fit and the unfit is that the fit decide they want it and create the habits and mindset to get it and the unfit don’t. The fit work to be fit. Here’s a list I threw together of some of the habits and mindset to become one of those “naturally fit people”:

  1. They believe they can reach their goals.
  2. They eat for nourishment the majority of the time.
  3. They indulge intelligently.
  4. They plan and schedule their meals.
  5. They plan and schedule their workouts.
  6. Workouts come first on their calendar and they don’t allow wiggle room.
  7. They realize they can be a better parent, spouse, employee, friend, etc. by putting their health first and they don’t feel guilty for doing so.
  8. They drink water. Lots of water.
  9. They eat lots of greens.
  10. They don’t eat lots of grains.
  11. They find ways to stay motivated. They don’t just feel motivated all the time.
  12. Sometimes they do things that they don’t want to.
  13. They surround themselves with like-minded, positive people.
  14. They get eight hours of sleep.
  15. They don’t watch a lot of TV.
  16. They don’t just workout to look good. They workout to feel good.
  17. They are early risers.
  18. They are not afraid to invest in proper shoes and equipment.
  19. They know it takes work and do not look for quick fixes.
  20. They can cook and they do most of the time.
  21. They know how to order in a restaurant.
  22. They skip the bread basket.
  23. They don’t over-indulge in alcohol every weekend.
  24. They shop at the farmer’s market.
  25. They eat FAT! Even saturated!
  26. They keep a log or a journal.
  27. They are in tune with their body.
  28. They eat when they are hungry and quit when they are 85% full.
  29. They have triggers just like everyone else, but, they are aware of them.
  30. They sometimes have thoughts that can sabotage their efforts, but, they are aware of them and know what to do with them.
  31. They are aware of people in their lives that may sabotage and they maintain healthy boundaries.
  32. They brown bag it to work.
  33. They don’t eat late at night.
  34. Even when they could, they don’t make excuses.
  35. Sweat is their friend.
  36. Weather doesn’t stop their workout plans.
  37. They have dogs. (Okay, not all of them have dogs. Dogs are a great source of motivation. Dogs make you happy.)
  38. They have workout or accountability partners (in my case…the dog).
  39. They hire a trainer when they need to.
  40. They take vitamins and supplements.
  41. They are familiar with alternative methods of health care.
  42. They have an icepack in their freezer.
  43. They move first thing in the morning.
  44. They are not on a special diet. They eat real, whole, clean organic foods.
  45. They don’t count calories, carbs, points or obsess over numbers.
  46. They weigh themselves to keep it in check, but, they don’t obsess over the number on the scale.
  47. They know their weakness.
  48. They know their stressors.
  49. They know how to reduce their stress level.
  50. They tune out the rest of the world and their issues while working out.
  51. They demonstrate good form and enlist help if they aren’t sure.
  52. They are consistent.
  53. They don’t skip workouts. They might modify, but, they don’t skip.
  54. They follow a program and progress appropriately.
  55. They are persistent.
  56. They have an idea of what exercises work what muscles.
  57. If they don’t know number 56, they invest in a trainer.
  58. They aren’t afraid to try new recipes.
  59. They honor how they feel. When their body needs more rest, they rest.
  60. They view working out as something that they “get” to do, not something that they have to do.
I think that number 60’s overall mindset is a really important takeaway here. Changing the way you think about taking care of yourself is key. You get to work out. You get to choose the foods you put into your body. You get to choose to be fit and live healthy. It isn’t something that some people are and others aren’t. Fit people choose to be fit, just as unfit is a choice. The moment you accept that as the truth is the moment you will become very powerful.
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