Introducing the best dog bed on the planet.

The Sydney Sleep Mattress

by Creative Pet Solutions

The only dog bed created for you, your pet, and the planet.

Good for you

Washable cover & core
Odor resistant
Anti-microbial & mildew resistant
Handles for easy portability

Good for Your Pet

Easily supports large breeds
Created to support all life stages puppy to geriatric
Veterinarian recommended

Good for The Planet

Natural fibers
Sustainable and recyclable materials
No dangerous chemicals or foam materials

Compare the Sydney Sleep Mattress to Other Dog Beds

100% Natural Hemp Canvas CoverSynthetic cover
No Foam is usedContains foam
No materials that off-gas toxic chemicalsSynthetics & foam can off-gas toxic chemicals
Core is open-cell structure and totally washableCore closed-cell and not washable
Open structure of core is breathableClosed cell core - not breathable
No free-flowing fiber fillFiber fill that puppies love to pull out and make a mess
Core is made of a food-grade materialTheir synthetic materials are not food grade
No harmful fire retardants usedHarmful fire retardants are often used
Easily portable with handles and flexibility to foldNot easily portable
Odor resistantTraps odors
Naturally antimicrobial and mildew-resistantTraps bacteria and other possible harmful germs
Low profile and perfect density for all life stagesHeight/density does not support all life stages well
Truly orthopedic - makes repositioning easierRepositioning more difficult and less supportive
Supports and enriches the environmentAdds to landfills
Both biodegradable and recyclable materials usedNot using biodegradable materials
Durable - hemp is one of the strongest natural fibersMaterials used have less durability
Long-lasting - it is possible to last life of your petLikely to purchase many over the lifetime of your pet
Retains shapeLoses shape after use and washing
Versatile (add blankets and pillows to customize for your dogs sleep habits)Shapes and height do not allow versatility
Veterinarian recommendedNot many come with veterinarian recommendation

Get the only bed you will need to support your dog through every stage of life.

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