Who are you listening to?

What in the world does it mean to have a best body?

I was in Target this afternoon and saw Us Magazine’s cover this week. It has Jennifer Lopez on it and the title is Best Bodies.

It struck me. What the hell does that even mean? How many women and young girls see that cover, compare themselves and then dismiss their body as less than?

How many guys see that and a million other covers over the years and compare the women in the real world?

I realize this sells magazines. But, here’s the deal.

They are strictly talking about looks, so, call that shit out. Looks aren’t the only aspect of what makes a body awesome. And who the hell are they to tell me what body looks best? How many people believe them?

Think for a minute about who the people are that are telling us who’s hot and who’s not. They are getting paid a whole bunch of money to figure out how to use our insecurities to make us “need” to buy stuff.

It’s simple really. They get us to think we need things by making us feel like we are not enough.

If we all felt secure in our own skin, it wouldn’t be good for a lot of industries. In fact, marketing to us would have to take on a whole new approach. The more confident and secure I am in myself, the less money I spend. When I am confident and secure, I don’t need anything outside of myself to feel good. I don’t feel like I need to fix things. Media doesn’t get to me.

I know that if I feel like something needs fixing, it isn’t about spending money.

You don’t need a magazine to tell you who has the best body. YOU have the best body. So do I.

I am not always in love with how every part of my body looks, but, that isn’t all a body has to offer. Ironically, when you honor it for all it has to offer, it looks better too.

My body is constantly working to correct itself. Even when I am not nice to it.

My body takes me places even when it is screaming for rest. It deals with what I give it.

My body constantly looks for balance and has systems to keep brining me back to balance all while dealing with chronic illness. Your body is doing the same thing even if you don’t have a chronic illness.

You know the things you do to treat your body poorly. Guess what? It’s so forgiving that it works to counteract your carelessness. It is working to counteract the environment. It is built to live. You cannot live while comparing yourself to bodies on magazines.

I encourage you to honor your body for being the best body you will ever have.

If you are sick and tired of the rules of how to look and what you need to do to get there sign up for the Unruly Rules for looking good, feeling great and living happy. It’s free and you can sign up below. No BS. Just simplicity.

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Happy No-resolution New Year’s

If you have been following for any amount of time, you know I can’t stand new year’s resolutions. I won’t get into why other than that they don’t work and they generally make people feel bad about themselves pretty quickly. What I do believe in is looking back on the year and reflecting on what went right and what you have accomplished. Spend some time with the things that make you feel good about yourself. Then, what didn’t go so well? What mistakes did you make? What lessons did you learn from them? Is there some area of your life that you keep getting in your own way? If you aren’t sure, is there an area that you keep making the same mistakes or you just feel stuck? This is a good area to enlist help in. Do that in 2015. I don’t think this should only happen annually, though. Especially if you have a vision you are working toward. I like to check in with myself on Sundays before I start the week. How I did the week before is my key to what needs attention the next week. Keep it simple and shut the critical voices in your head up while you are doing it. Don’t let them have a say in what your next week is going to be like.

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Loosen the Death Grip

Things don’t always happen as we plan them. Nothing is guaranteed. Anything can happen at any given moment. All things we say every time the unexpected happens, yet we still call it the unexpected. Yesterday started out as a good day. I had sessions with clients I enjoy very much. I worked on and made progress with an issue I’ve been having. I had a great evening session with a client that is just fun to be around. I had plans of exactly what I would accomplish when my session with her was complete. Mother Nature had other plans.

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I hear the secrets that you keep…

HAH! Sorry. I don’t really hear your secrets. That’s just creepy. I do however, keep hearing the popular 80’s song by The Romantics every time I sit down to work on this blog and try and come up with a name for it. I figured it was a sign. Hence the name. Some people we know on a professional level. Some people we know on a social level. Some people we know intimately because they are family or we share our space with them as a spouse, partner or a room mate. Then some people are mere acquaintances or even less, we follow them on social media. But, how much do we really know the people that we “know”. Everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about. We all face them every day. It’s just part of being human. You know the people that you compare yourself to? They struggle too. You know the Facebook friend who’s life seems like a freakin’ dream? The one that makes you feel like your battles will never let your life measure up to theirs? They have their battles too. People don’t post the ugly stuff. Well, there may be some drama mongers that do. I know there’s a whole lot more to my life than what gets posted on Facebook, though. I don’t think people omit the ugly because they want people to compare and feel bad, but, it is human nature to compare and that is what we do whether we realize it or not. Comparison is a killer. It kills dreams. It kills creativity. It kills hope. How do I know? I am just like everyone else. I have my secret battles and I have done my fair share of comparing and it sure seems like there are a lot […]

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Be The Weirdo

I recently had a conversation with someone about eating to fit in. More specifically being bullied about eating differently than everyone else. This one sparked a little something in me because its incredibly common and I think it’s a big part of why people are unsuccessful when they try to make positive changes in their lives. It happens in our own homes. It happens in the workplace. It happens in school. It happens at parties and events. I think it’s about time it’s talked about as what it really is.

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Have Your Fitness Breakthrough

I had someone ask me what I thought were the top secrets to have a breakthrough and achieve their fitness goals once and for all. It’s not really a simple five secrets kind of thing to have a breakthrough, but, I am going to do my best to sum it up into five bullet points. These aren’t really secrets as much as they are reminders or some may call it the simple truth.

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Could You Be Setting the Wrong Goals?

The Fit into Spring program launched this week and I am super excited because the women that are in the program just completed the Fall into Fitness program and they are primed and ready to kick some butt! My goal for them is to have the best summer ever. They are going to be fit, strong and ready to rock their spring wardrobes with confidence. I have learned a lot over the years working with these women and with clients on setting and achieving goals. There is one thing that rings true for all that I have worked with. Setting the goal is pointless if there isn’t a clear picture of what it looks like to reach it and what it takes to get there. But, not just reach it, what does it look like to live that way once you get there? Do you even know what it takes to reach the goal? I am afraid a lot of people set goals without this knowledge and end up feeling like they failed when the reality is, maybe they didn’t set the right goal to begin with.

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Unstoppable in 2013

Looking back on this past year it seems like five years, but, it also seems like it went by in the blink of an eye. That doesn’t make sense, but, just humor me. I started out 2012 with high hopes of what rachelfit.com was going to be able to bring to you. It was, afterall, the third year in a row, I had expected a major launch of a site like nothing else out there. It’s laughable how many “official” launch dates I announced. The past launch in September almost caused me to throw in the towel completely, but, it is one of the biggest lessons I have learned in 2012. Heck, it was probably one of the biggest lessons of my life. Most of you know that I launched the online version of the Fall into Fitness program back in October. What you don’t know is that my “brand new” website was broken. I had women who invested in themselves to change their lives and I was going to let them down. The website was broken and the web guy was clearly not going to help to get this program off the ground. I will save you the details of the nightmare, but, I want to share with you how that changed me and made me unstoppable because it may help you become unstoppable in your health and fitness quest. I had allowed the web guy to keep me in a place where I never had to play big. If the site never worked or launched properly, I didn’t have to get outside of my comfort zone and really put myself out there. Helping one million people change their bodies and their lives was a goal that I set a long time ago and it truly is my passion […]

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New Year’s Resolution Grinch

I think I might be known as the New Year’s resolution Grinch. I hate New Year’s resolutuions. I am kind of a hypocrite too, though, because I set “intentions” for the year. The thing is, I believe it is important to reflect on the year behind you, decide what you want in your future and make plans to get it. That is not what people do though. I have been coaching people a really long time and I can spot someone a million miles away that is going to fail at their goals. It sounds harsh, I know. This is going to sound even more harsh. Most people use New Year’s resolutuion setting as a way to completely go overboard the last few months of the year. People really do think that something magical will happen in their brain come January 1. Something is happening in your brain and it’s not magical. It’s called addiction. Addiction to carbs and sugar. This is a recipe for disaster.

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4 Holiday Tips

If we believe TV and movies, the holidays are nothing but a time of good cheer. But, for many of us, the holidays are a big source of stress. I have a few tips for getting through this holiday feeling fit and peaceful. 1. Set your day up. Your day is likely going to be filled with inflammatory foods that make you feel sluggish and cause you to crave more after the fact. Start your day out with a glass of water and a nutritonally powerful breakfast and the rest of the day will go better because you feel good. I like to have a green smoothie to start a holiday. It gives me energy and I don’t feel overly full, but, I am getting everything I need. 2. Do not skip your workout if you are already someone who works out. If you aren’t currently on a workout program, do something active. Take a walk, do some self myofascial release with a foam roll or a short core workout so that you get your feel good hormones flowing. 3. Let go of expectatiions. Allow the day to unfold and experience it as it does. Let go of the negative and look for the positive. 4. Remember who you are now. Being with family can cause you to revert to your old habits and lifestyle. Remember who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow. Staying present will allow you to do this, but, you will also enjoy your time with your family much more. Follow these four tips and the rest of the year will be much easier and more fun. Do you have some tips for how you stay fit and happy through the holidays? Email me at [email protected]

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