You are not running out of time.

I feel like I have been unconsciously preparing for the coronavirus for months. It felt as if 2020 wanted to kill me as soon as it arrived. I am no stranger to challenges, but, what 2020 brought for me made all previous seem like amateur hour. And then came Corona. Personal struggles feel self-absorbed now. It’s important to say that our individual heartbreak and challenges aren’t less valid or any less deserving of space because of the global trauma. It’s easy to trivialize and feel guilty for still feeling heartache for our personal stuff when the magnitude of suffering right now is unlike anything we have ever lived through. I am fortunate to be resilient, driven, skilled and have a sense of humor that allows me to make jokes even in the darkest times. I also have the best dog on the planet to spend my quarantine time with and I have family and friends that I talk to daily. Even with these things, anxiety and depression show up sometimes. By January 6th this year, I had three major things happen. Two of which did not allow me the time or space to go fetal for long because I had to be sharp enough to make decisions with information coming in fast and changing even faster. For a highly-sensitive type like myself, the quickly changing landscape can be very hard to catch up to. I don’t usually like to share my internal world, but, my best friend lost her job of almost 30 years via Skype by two people in her company that she did not know this past week. She is a single mother. She was told pay and everything including medical benefits would cease at the end of the week. She is not alone. I found myself coaching […]

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