You are not running out of time.

I feel like I have been unconsciously preparing for the coronavirus for months. It felt as if 2020 wanted to kill me as soon as it arrived. I am no stranger to challenges, but, what 2020 brought for me made all previous seem like amateur hour. And then came Corona. Personal struggles feel self-absorbed now. It’s important to say that our individual heartbreak and challenges aren’t less valid or any less deserving of space because of the global trauma. It’s easy to trivialize and feel guilty for still feeling heartache for our personal stuff when the magnitude of suffering right now is unlike anything we have ever lived through. I am fortunate to be resilient, driven, skilled and have a sense of humor that allows me to make jokes even in the darkest times. I also have the best dog on the planet to spend my quarantine time with and I have family and friends that I talk to daily. Even with these things, anxiety and depression show up sometimes. By January 6th this year, I had three major things happen. Two of which did not allow me the time or space to go fetal for long because I had to be sharp enough to make decisions with information coming in fast and changing even faster. For a highly-sensitive type like myself, the quickly changing landscape can be very hard to catch up to. I don’t usually like to share my internal world, but, my best friend lost her job of almost 30 years via Skype by two people in her company that she did not know this past week. She is a single mother. She was told pay and everything including medical benefits would cease at the end of the week. She is not alone. I found myself coaching […]

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Want Better Results from Your Fitness Class?

I have been in the health and fitness industry for a long time. I have evolved and grown in many ways. Some things I have abandoned and other things have stood the test of time. One thing that has really stood the test of time is my advice on fitness classes. When I set-up a program with a client, activities outside of the structured workouts are always a part of the plan. Most clients are already a participant in something when they come to me.  There have been recreational runners, hikers, bikers, climbers, walkers, fitness class enthusiasts, those that mix it up and serious athletes. All of these activities require a solid foundation of functional movement patterns, but, today’s focus is on fitness classes. I have spent the majority of my career being the Debbie Downer on fitness classes. Clients would excitedly tell me about the new class they found and then I would proceed to tell them what was wrong with that class. I know. I sound like an asshole. I had good intentions and it never made me feel good to watch excitement get the wind knocked out of it, so hear me out. My background is in physical therapy. My entire reason for wanting to be in the health and fitness field is to help people prevent insidious aches and pains and to be able to move awesome and feel good doing the stuff they love for the rest of their lives. Also note, most people don’t move awesome unless they are working on it consistently every single day. Fitness classes require high repetitions or long-held postures.  Most people do not have a solid enough foundation of healthy human movement. People don’t know that they don’t move well enough and neither do most instructors. If they did, […]

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Fall Superpower Smoothie

I love fall flavors and I often experiment with them. This one is a winner! I have been sharing over on the rachelfitpics Instagram page and have been asked for some actual measurable recipes. Here you go! If you are new here or don’t know me, I have a passion for preventing and eliminating pain. I spend a big part of my time working one on one with clients fixing movement and correcting alignment issues, but, there’s often more to it than that. Diet plays a big role. The recipes I share are full of nutrients that support your body as a whole, including the musculoskeletal system. Give this one a try and let me know what you think!   Fall Superpower Smoothie Bowl 4 oz unsweetened plain almond milk 1 heaping tablespoon almond butter 1 teaspoon vanilla protein powder 1-2 tablespoons whole flax seed 1 teaspoon Maca Powder 3 Frozen Strawberries 1 Chunk Frozen Mango 1 inch frozen banana 1 teaspoon pure maple syrup with ginger (from Trader Joe’s) 1 teaspoon pumpkin spice Lots of cinnamon Blend until smooth in a high powered blender. Top with 1-2 teaspoons of chia seeds and 1-2 teaspoons of cacao nibs. Enjoy and let me know how you like it below.  

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Mountain Dew, Cool Ranch Doritos and Candy Bars

The breakfast and lunch of ……. a future holistic health and fitness coach? It may be hard to believe, but, that was my breakfast and lunch for at least a full year in high school. I would get picked up by a friend for school and we would stop at the Speedy Q where we would get breakfast. My go to was Mountain Dew and cool ranch Doritos (cool ranch was a new flavor at the time). In my school our Spanish club sold candy bars year round for their trip to Spain. Sadly, I ate the gooey caramel one almost daily for lunch. I stepped it up a bit senior year and ate a super bagel and fries at Charlie Brown’s every day. Charlie Brown’s was an ice cream place that was off limits for lunch because we weren’t allowed to leave school property. The craving for super bagels must have been pretty bad since I seem to remember serving detention a time or two. Horrifying isn’t it? Somehow, with those habits, I remained very thin and relatively healthy. I think it must have been because my mom cooked healthy meals every night. One nutritious meal a day kept the doctor away. Well, when I was a kid anyway. In college, I drank double shot mocha’s two to three times a day. Except in the summer time. Tim Horton’s came out with a frozen mocha that was ridiculous and yes, I had at least one a day. I was already a personal trainer at this time! Hell of a role model, huh? My habits sucked! 

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Who are you listening to?

What in the world does it mean to have a best body?

I was in Target this afternoon and saw Us Magazine’s cover this week. It has Jennifer Lopez on it and the title is Best Bodies.

It struck me. What the hell does that even mean? How many women and young girls see that cover, compare themselves and then dismiss their body as less than?

How many guys see that and a million other covers over the years and compare the women in the real world?

I realize this sells magazines. But, here’s the deal.

They are strictly talking about looks, so, call that shit out. Looks aren’t the only aspect of what makes a body awesome. And who the hell are they to tell me what body looks best? How many people believe them?

Think for a minute about who the people are that are telling us who’s hot and who’s not. They are getting paid a whole bunch of money to figure out how to use our insecurities to make us “need” to buy stuff.

It’s simple really. They get us to think we need things by making us feel like we are not enough.

If we all felt secure in our own skin, it wouldn’t be good for a lot of industries. In fact, marketing to us would have to take on a whole new approach. The more confident and secure I am in myself, the less money I spend. When I am confident and secure, I don’t need anything outside of myself to feel good. I don’t feel like I need to fix things. Media doesn’t get to me.

I know that if I feel like something needs fixing, it isn’t about spending money.

You don’t need a magazine to tell you who has the best body. YOU have the best body. So do I.

I am not always in love with how every part of my body looks, but, that isn’t all a body has to offer. Ironically, when you honor it for all it has to offer, it looks better too.

My body is constantly working to correct itself. Even when I am not nice to it.

My body takes me places even when it is screaming for rest. It deals with what I give it.

My body constantly looks for balance and has systems to keep brining me back to balance all while dealing with chronic illness. Your body is doing the same thing even if you don’t have a chronic illness.

You know the things you do to treat your body poorly. Guess what? It’s so forgiving that it works to counteract your carelessness. It is working to counteract the environment. It is built to live. You cannot live while comparing yourself to bodies on magazines.

I encourage you to honor your body for being the best body you will ever have.

If you are sick and tired of the rules of how to look and what you need to do to get there sign up for the Unruly Rules for looking good, feeling great and living happy. It’s free and you can sign up below. No BS. Just simplicity.

Keep the conversation going. Comment below.

Make Home-made Handsalve: An Introduction to Carrier Oils

Many skincare products that you buy at the store contain petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, and other products that are known skin irritants. Making your own skincare products is a great way to have control over what goes into them and what you put on your skin. Making your own products also allows you to easily customize them to your own specific needs. Different types of oils have different properties to them and you can select the ones that provide that benefits you are looking for.

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Habits of Fit People

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but, whenever I am at a gathering of family or friends, I get introduced as the “trainer”. Once people know I am the “trainer” I feel like I turn into a priest taking confessions. I can’t seem to go to any gathering involving food without someone commenting on how they shouldn’t eat this while they go ahead and eat it anyhow. What they shouldn’t eat is usually followed by a confession of how they don’t exercise like they should. This is often followed up with some comment about how much easier it is for “you naturally fit people”. I have some news folks, the only difference between the fit and the unfit is that the fit decide they want it and create the habits and mindset to get it and the unfit don’t. The fit work to be fit. Here’s a list I threw together of some of the habits and mindset to become one of those “naturally fit people”:

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