Be The Weirdo

I recently had a conversation with someone about eating to fit in. More specifically being bullied about eating differently than everyone else. This one sparked a little something in me because its incredibly common and I think it’s a big part of why people are unsuccessful when they try to make positive changes in their lives. It happens in our own homes. It happens in the workplace. It happens in school. It happens at parties and events. I think it’s about time it’s talked about as what it really is.


Let’s face it. Nobody wants to be the outcast..the weirdo..the one everyone talks about. We want to be loved and feel understood. Being different can make it tough to feel understood. I get it. Deep down to my core, I get it. I have always been the food freak in my family. I was the girl that didn’t like any condiments (nope, not even salad dressing or ketchup). My foods needed to be dry and nothing on my plate could touch each other. I also had to give up gluten way before it was cool. In fact, I have been wheat, dairy and soy free for eight years. It’s not as weird or as difficult as you would think, but, you can’t have the mindset of the majority to make it work. The thing is, the majority of people are not fit. It’s no secret this country is in trouble as far as health goes. Two thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese. A precursor to so many diseases, but, even if you aren’t overweight or obese and you eat what the majority eats, your health is at risk. Just in case you want to know what you are at risk of developing here is a link Still want to fit in?

The truth is, I am not writing this to tell you about the risks of fitting in. I want to help you stand out. Ultimately, if you confidently stand out when it comes to your nutrition, someone else will follow your lead and maybe one day people who choose to be healthy won’t be called health nuts. They’ll just be the norm.
Here are 5 reasons not to be in the IN crowd:
  1. You will eventually be part of a group that discusses your medications instead of how weird you eat.
  2. You will not be a good role model for the people around you. I promise, it may not seem like it, but, they are interested in what you know about how to eat. If you are eating well you look amazing and you have a glow about you…who wouldn’t want to know more about that?
  3. You don’t want to live on and off a diet.
  4. You want to feel energized all day, every day.
  5. Your kids. They will do what you do. Even if it’s years from now. If you eat to please other people or to shut them up, there is a good chance that their relationship with food will not be healthy.
Here are a three things that will help you stick to your healthy nutrition even in the company of loved ones who may be food bullies:
  1. Be confident in your decisions about what you will and won’t eat. If you are going someplace where someone bullies you about your choices, make sure you prepare yourself mentally. Remind yourself of your goal before you go.
  2. Don’t get mad at someone who bullies you. Just stick to your decision. They may get mad at you and that’s okay. It’s not okay if you are mad at yourself and the bully later because you ate something you didn’t intend to eat.
  3. Don’t stay on the subject of what you or other people are eating. Change the subject. Keep it upbeat. This isn’t easy in some cases. I know.
Here are 5 things you need to know to stay strong and stick to your decisions and not be bullied or swayed in the company of loved ones aka food bullies:
  1. YOU are the boss of YOU and your children. You are an intelligent person making excellent decisions for you and your kids health.
  2. Whatever it is that happens that makes you feel bullied or poked at about the food you eat or don’t eat is not your issue. It is the bully’s issue. It is really important that you remember that and realize that YOU are making the right decisions for YOU. You are not a health freak. You are NOT obsessive. You aren’t depriving your children or missing out. It’s not easy, but, don’t believe or question these things. You know what’s right no matter how many people chime in and tell you to relax and have some pizza.
  3. If you give in every time someone pressures you to eat or fit in where will your body be? How will you feel? You will be part of the majority.
  4. If you say no thank you to something, that should be the end of the conversation. If it’s not, this just went from an offering of food to bullying. Do not engage in it by explaining yourself or defending. Diffuse it. Change the subject. Do whatever you can, but, if you ever want it to stop, you can’t give in just to attempt peace. You will never be the one at peace with this.
  5. When you change other people have to change. Eventually, the bullying stops. It has to when you don’t react to it anymore.
Go out. Be the weirdo. It gets easier. Then it has incredible rewards. I promise.
What is your experience with this? Have you been bullied? Have you been the food bully? Let me know in the comments. Let’s talk about this.
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