5 Ways to Get Fit Together

Last week I told you some unexpected benefits of training with friends, this week I am going to give you the options that are out there to get fit with your friends (or you can join and make new friends). I am also going to share with you the pros and cons of each choice.

Semi-private Personal Training:

What is it?  Basically training with a personal trainer and one or two other people. You can sign up with a friend, or you can ask to be paired with someone.
The good: It will still be very individualized and you will get the attention you need. You will be doing it with someone else, so you will have someone else going through the same thing with you. You can help encourage each other, celebrate each others wins and bring each other up when you are having a rough workout.
The bad: Sometimes people get competitive in a negative way. When you are training with just one or two other people, be sure you are matched with someone who enhances the experience and you walk away feeling energized from your workouts, not beat down or inferior. Also, the cost of these sessions is going to be higher than all your other options. In fact, many people go to this option thinking that they are going to be splitting the cost with someone else which will make it more affordable than one on one training. Though it should be a little less expensive than one on one, it won’t be half the cost. This is still personal training and the trainer should be creating individualized programs. You may be doing the same workouts, but, you should be doing some things differently and your plan should really be geared toward you as an individual. Trainers spend more time on these types of clients.

Small Group Personal Training:

What is it? This is different than your typical group training classes like bootcamps and Zumba classes. These groups shouldn’t have more than 10 people in them. I personally won’t take more than eight for this type of training. The idea is to keep it as close to “personal” as possible. If you get more than that in a group, the trainer loses the ability to tailor things to the individual’s needs.
The good: You are automatically part of a group of like-minded individuals to energize and motivate you. The point of this type of group is so that you are all following a program, with things that are individual to what you need for your specific goals. This is a great option for people who want to train in a group, but need or want the individual attention. If you are training for something specific, have injuries, or just want the program tailored to you, this is your best option in a group.
The bad: Although the idea is to keep it individualized, I see an awful lot of these programs out there that are far from it and in my opinion are nothing but your typical group exercise with a title and price that makes you feel otherwise. If you aren’t getting an individual evaluation and some things aren’t being tweaked or special things being added just for you, you are probably in a boot camp with a fancy name, not small group personal training.

Group Exercise Classes:

What is it? This includes classes like Zumba, boot camps, pilates, aerobics, body toning, yoga, kick boxing, cycling, and it can include classes for sports performance.
The good: These classes are generally very affordable and, if you have a gym membership, many times they are free. It gives you a chance to try things out and see what you like.
The bad: There isn’t much of a game plan. Taking random classes isn’t going to get you from where you are to where you want to be if you have specific goals. These classes can be quite large and a lot of the time the instructor is doing the workout right along with you so there is little opportunity to have your form corrected. You can get injured and you may not see the results you are looking for.


What is it? I am giving CrossFit a category of it’s own because it is the latest craze to hit our industry. It can vary so much from facility to facility that I am not sure what to call it. Honestly, I have been asked so much about CrossFit over the past few years that I really need to write a blog on my thoughts. CrossFit is done in a group. Cross Fit is an actual event that people compete in and a lot of the classes in training are run the same way. There are workouts posted and the participants compete with themselves and with others.
The good: The camaraderie. If you join a CrossFit group you become a brotherhood or sisterhood. You are family. If you miss a session you will get a call to find out why.
The bad: There are a lot of injuries happening amongst CrossFit goers. I also think that there isn’t an across the board statement I can make because the gyms aren’t all run the same. I have seen workout plans that do not have any specific progressions. It seemed rather random which is a recipe for injury.

Meetups and activity groups:

What are they? These are just groups of people that get together to do some sort of activity together. There are biking groups, running groups, hiking groups, adventure groups, fitness groups, etc.
The good: It’s fun. You meet a lot of people. You can learn the do’s and don’ts from the people with experience. It’s motivating.
The bad: The group may not be within the skill level that you have in either direction. It may be too advanced or too entry level. Also, there usually is not a professional to guide you. And also, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to join a group of people you have never met before. And let’s not forget, as you may be there to get in a good run, someone else may be there to meet dates. But, who knows, maybe that turns out to be a plus for you.
There are so many options you have to get involved in a group revolving around fitness. Just be sure that it’s right for you. Just because some of your friends are raving about CrossFit, doesn’t mean it’s something you have to love too. We aren’t all meant to exercise the same way. If you listen to your body and how it feels and pay attention to what gets you fired up, you will have much better results and you will have more fun.
With all of that said, I am excited to tell you about a few new things I am offering because of how beneficial training with other people can be. Check them out below!

Run a 5k!
I am assembling a group to train for a 5k. Running has become so popular it seems and there are more and more people coming to me with injuries. I created this group to share the love I have for running with people who may want to get into running for the first time, take their running up a notch, learn about injury prevention, or running a 5k is on their bucket list. Whatever the reason, I would love for you to join us. The cost is only $20. Christine, my assistant, will be putting some handouts together for your non-run workouts and some other things as well as editing some videos I will make, so I need to be able to pay for her time. You will also be responsible for registering for the race on your own. Other than that, it’s just going to be a fun, motivating group that will complete a 5k together in the fall. If you are interested, please complete this form. The race we have chose for this group is Halloween Hustle at Stoney Creek Metro Park. Our first meeting will be the week of August 19th. All are welcome to be a part of this group.
Team Personal Training
Secondly, I am very excited to be starting a pilot program. It will fall under the Small Group Training title, but I am putting a “team” spin on it. I am calling it Team Personal Training. It will be limited to 5 people. This program will run 6 weeks. If you get in while it is in the pilot stages, the cost is extremely low. If you would like to apply for one of the spots for the pilot program, please complete this form ASAP. You will be notified once we have chosen the five pilot members.
Got questions? Shoot…. I will answer them in the comments below.
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