5 Fears Put To Rest

I am going to be cliche’ for a sec and quote Franklin D Roosevelt “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

It’s true. Think about the last time you spent a great deal of time worrying or fearing something. Even if the thing that you feared came true, wasn’t the worry and stress of anticipating it and creating scenarios in your head worse than the issue itself?

Fear does many things. It is a form of stress and we all know that stress wreaks havoc on our bodies. And since this is a fitness blog, I am going to remind you that stress increases levels of cortisol and increased levels of cortisol will keep you from having the body and health that you want.

The reason I want to talk about becoming fearless today is to break down some walls you may have created for yourself when it comes to getting the body you want. Fear only holds us back. Yes, it is wise to fear a bear in the woods, but, I am not talking about that kind of fear.

I want to put five of the most common fears people have around changing their bodies to rest. So often, we aren’t even aware of the fears that we have. Knowing that we have them is half the battle. I hope this helps you recognize and break free of some of your fears today.

  1. Fear of effort without reward. I often get new clients who feel that they have tried everything to get to the place they want to be and they have had results, but, not what they feel matches the amount of effort they have put in. Sometimes people really have put the effort in and sometimes they haven’t. Fact is, put zero effort in, get zero results. It’s a no brainer. If you fear and contemplate a program, that’s no fun right? You are spending valuable energy on fear, when you could just be taking steps.
  2. Fear of fully committing. This one kind of goes along with number one. It boils down to trusting a program or process. If you are skeptical about a program before you start it, ask yourself why. If it isn’t making promises that are too good to be true or asking you to eat in a crazy way or workout “insanely” (sorry, I had to) then you should give it 100%. Taking action will calm your fears. Results will make them a distant memory.
  3. Fear of being unique. Most every woman I have worked with has the “unique” syndrome when they start. Things haven’t worked for them in the past, so they wonder if there is some flaw with their metabolism or are they are some sort of freak that doesn’t reap the same benefits that other women do. Don’t shoot me for saying that we aren’t all unique. In fact, I believe that each and every one of us is. Which is exactly why this shouldn’t be a fear. Every single woman starting a program is unique. Their bodies will all respond differently. If you are following a program that is not some fad junk and is created by a highly qualified fitness expert, you will see results. End of story. The more you sit in fear of whether or not something will work for your uniqueness, the longer you remain the same.
  4. Fear of change. Oftentimes, we don’t know how we could live without some of the habits we hold onto that are keeping us from having the body we want. I have countless stories of women who meet with me the first time and “Want to get something straight with me.” Things like, “I will not stop eating potato chips.”, “I will not stop eating my bowl of cereal at night after the kids go to bed.”, “I will not completely change my schedule to get more workouts in.”, “I am not about to give up my cocktail hour.” These are just a few of the things I have heard over the years. All of those things are fears. Not to get too deep, but, they generally have nothing to do with the actual habit at all. For instance, someone who eats a bowl of cereal at night after their kids go to bed is probably just needing peace and quiet. Maybe they never get to have a meal without a kid picking off their plate. It could be a number of things, but, it’s rarely just because they really are attached to the cereal. The fear of never changing or not wanting to let go of some habits is going to cause more stress and discomfort than taking some action steps and ripping off that band aid. It’s only scary at first. With every step it gets easier and you should rest easy in knowing that you just need to become aware of why you do things and make it a conscious decision. This in itself will naturally create changes in you.
  5. Fear of failing. Who is not afraid to fail at some point? The fact here is what’s worse? Not getting what you want and continuously feeling that disappointment or giving it a shot and maybe being uncomfortable at first? “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
    ― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

The fact is, we all have fear. When we become aware of our fears we can argue with them. Years ago I was sitting in a college counselors office going over a plan to get the education I wanted. I said to her “But I will be over 30 years old when I graduate!” And she said “You will be over 30 years old with or without a degree.” Hmmmm… It really is that simple. Talk to your fears and you just could have the body, job, partner, or life that you want. October 1 I am relaunching my Fall into Fitness 12 Week Body and Life Transformation program. I’d love to help you answer your fears and get the body you want. Check it out here.

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