4 Holiday Tips

If we believe TV and movies, the holidays are nothing but a time of good cheer. But, for many of us, the holidays are a big source of stress. I have a few tips for getting through this holiday feeling fit and peaceful.

1. Set your day up. Your day is likely going to be filled with inflammatory foods that make you feel sluggish and cause you to crave more after the fact. Start your day out with a glass of water and a nutritonally powerful breakfast and the rest of the day will go better because you feel good. I like to have a green smoothie to start a holiday. It gives me energy and I don’t feel overly full, but, I am getting everything I need.

2. Do not skip your workout if you are already someone who works out. If you aren’t currently on a workout program, do something active. Take a walk, do some self myofascial release with a foam roll or a short core workout so that you get your feel good hormones flowing.

3. Let go of expectatiions. Allow the day to unfold and experience it as it does. Let go of the negative and look for the positive.

4. Remember who you are now. Being with family can cause you to revert to your old habits and lifestyle. Remember who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow. Staying present will allow you to do this, but, you will also enjoy your time with your family much more.

Follow these four tips and the rest of the year will be much easier and more fun. Do you have some tips for how you stay fit and happy through the holidays? Email me at info@rachelfit.com.

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