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Learn and take part in designing an unruly approach to fitness for your unruly body. My expertise (because I deal with it myself) is endometriosis, however, other chronic health issues that beat the crap out of your body image and your fitness level are welcome and encouraged to join us.

I'm not going to lie. I don't have a magic cure for this incurable, totally misunderstood and under-researched disease. I do have a deep desire to change the lives of as many people as I possibly can. I also have a whole lot of personal and professional experience with people struggling with jacked up health, totally frustrated with how they feel and their inability to improve their fitness. And, I certainly have the drive to keep working until I can deliver what YOU need!

There's a good chance you have been part of a group on Facebook already, which means you know there are a ton of groups out there that are all about "venting" (I call it bitching and moaning). If that's what you are looking for, you missed a turn somewhere. In the Wholly Fit Lab, we believe that bitching and moaning is a colossal waste of energy that could be used to help each other and ourselves.

This group is warm, supportive and positive.
Egos are checked at the login.

So what do you get when you sign up?

  • Access to the community which is a closed group on Facebook.
  • Access to tools and pieces that are being created for the full WhollyFit program before it is launched!
  • Feedback from me.
  • A voice in deciding what women just like you need in a program. You will be a part of the creation of the WhollyFit: An Unruly Approach to Fitness program.
  • Access to live chats where you can get your burning questions answered and you can chime in about what you want included in the program.
  • Post a question in the community and get an answer to your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle questions.
  • Sample exercise videos.
  • The WhollyFit Program will focus on all aspects of living a happy, healthy life while managing a chronic condition.
  • Once the WhollyFit program is launched, the lab will stay open and functioning. The WhollyFit program will continue to be updated and improved.
  • Twice a month Ezine packed with useable information.

What this is NOT:

  • A group full of know-it-all’s ready to rain on your parade.
  • A place to promote your products, services or any type of SPAM
  • A discriminatory group.

It's totally FREE to join!

You are probably wondering why I'd sign myself up to be giving away information for free when I get paid a nice amount to work with clients. The truth is I need you too. I will create the perfect program for us and that requires your feedback and testing. You will sort of be my lab rat should you accept this invitation. Participating is not mandatory. If you find you’re more of a lurker type, you are welcome too. But, let’s be honest, it’s the gals that are not afraid to ask away that are going to personally get the most out of this. We love both here in the lab. Lurker Lisa and million question Molly are loved equally.